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the "skinless" casing line

Globe carries Viscofan skinless casing, the originator of the cellulose casing line. Since 1930, they have been continually advancing cellulose technology. To keep your production trouble free, their emphasis is on zero defect performing products & your assurance of high mechanical strength and precision calibers.

Small Caliber Cellulose Casings:

Small caliber cellulose casings combine high elasticity with an extremely consistent caliber. They are permeable to flav​ors and colors as intended during the smoking process, but are impermeable to other unwanted aromas.

With their excellent trouble free industrial processing is guaranteed. Small cellulose casings are presented in sticks, always ready to stuff, which allows perfect adaptation to all stuffing systems. Available in clear, black stripes, blue and red color transfer.

These casings are especially suitable for hot dogs and sausages for use on high-speed peelers.

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