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Fibrous Casings For Smoked & drY cURED pRODUCTS

Our fiber-reinforced cellulose casing is made with exceptional quality because it is manufactured using a special viscose process, which allows for smoke permeability and high mechanical strength. Fibrous casings are available in custom length cut pieces, shirred & on the reel.  We also offer a wide assortment in colors as well as a variety of diameters ranging from 38mm to 200mm.  Such variability makes them ideal for numerous products; from small pepperoni to large boneless hams.

Fibrous Casings Features:

  • Fibrous Casing Types

    • Regular - Good for summer sausage, chorizo, pepperoni, salami, soupy, venison bologna.

    • Peelable - A layer inside the casing which helps the casing peel off the meat - Used for bologna, ham, turkey, mortadella, pork roll.

    • Protein Coated - Special coating inside the casing that adheres to the meat as the product shrinks - Used for all dried products such as; krakowska, salame, soppresata.

  • Cut, clipped & looped or string-tie only (no clip) to customer specifications.

  • Offered in an assortment of colors (red, mahogany, clear, smoke tone) and diameters (38mm to 200mm).

  • Can be shirred to custom fit your horn.

  • Print one color ink (white, gold, black, green, red, yellow, silver) - One reel minimum (about 1,000 pieces), one week lead time.

  • Print up to ten colors - 5 case minimum, 8-12 week lead time.

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