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Plastic Casings for the Pet Food Industry

In the past decade, pet food producers have focused in on making a healthy alternative to the standard bagged and canned pet food. The raw pet food diet offers your animal all the healthy vitamins and enzymes that ensure a happy and healthy life. To make this pet food, producers have to turned to multibarrier plastic casing. Perfect for raw meat or pasteurized raw meat, plastic casing will make the meat fresh and extend the shelf life over a standard poly meat bag. If you want to make your “chub” stand out we can print up to 10 colors.

Printed Pet Food Casings:

  • Globe Casing offers custom 10-color printing on your casings, the highest quality print on the market.

  • Polyamide MB is an excellent carrier for printing, printing in flexo technique up to 10 colors, with printing inks that are resistible to sterilization and abrasion.

  • Make your product stand out with high quality multi-color printing!

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