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Natural sausage casings are excellent for making fresh, smoked, cooked and dried sausage. 

Our natural sausage casings are tender when eating & strong enough for your linking equipment. The transparency of the casings allows the consumer to see the product to enhance the effect.  Natural casing not only protects the fine flavor of your sausage, it keeps the sausage tender and juicy with a well-filled appearance. Globe Casing offers different natural sausage casing options to meet all of our customer’s needs and preferences:

Natural Sausage Casings Packing Options:

  • Salted

  • Preflushed & individually packed in brine

  • Tubed w/ strands on a plastic sleeve

  • Net Packed 3 hanks stripped in net

  • Vac Pack vacuum sealed bags

Natural Sausage Casings Tip:

To make natural casings more pliable & easier to stuff, put sodium phosphate in the water you soak your casings in.  Use the same type of phosphate that is used when making cured ham, it makes a big difference.  Use approximately 3 oz. per gallon water.  For smoked sausages, add 1/2 oz. of sodium erythbate to the casing water for better smoke color.

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