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Aluminum Clips & Loops

Globe Casing is a distributor of aluminum clips and loops for fully automatic machines and single clipping machines, which means we stock over a dozen sizes of clips from both of the industries leading clip manufacturers. No matter what type of machine you are using, we can supply you the clips and loops you need to get the job done.

We always stock:

S-628S-632S-638, S-740, S-744, S-747, S-848

You can buy clips by the cady or case, call or fill out the form below for an estimate.

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machine service

Poly-Clip Machine Repair

Globe Casing has in-house expertise in single Poly-Clip machine repair and maintenance.

Make sure to have your clipping machine regularly maintained to identify any wear and tear at an early stage, preventing associated production downtime. This will also maintain the long term value of your investment.

If you have an immediate need for repair, Globe can loan you one to keep your production moving while we are servicing your machine.


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