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Old World European Style Casings

If you are looking to make a new product to add to your butcher shop or catalog, look no further. Globe Casing carries unique traditional casings that are perfect for the Holiday’s and year round.

The main specialty casings that Globe carries are:

1. Textile Cloth Bags better known as “Muslin Bags”  - Perfect for New Jersey Pork Roll or Pennsylvania Lebanon Bologna.

2. Netted Fibrous Casings - The less expensive alternative to Hukki casing, perfect for salami or bologna.

3. Spice Transfer Casings - For dry cured, smoked or scolded sausages, these textile bags come with different types of seasoning inside the bag, making the transfer of spice an easy one-step process. Available in black pepper, mix pepper, paprika and herbs of Provence.  Custom blends available as well.

4. Printed European Style Casings - If you want to bring the old world traditions into your shop, these casings are perfect for you.  We stock several printed casings but, offer a catalog of hundreds of different prints for German products like Tiroller or Kalbsleberwurst.  Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter catalogs available as well, only a one case minimum (a few hundred pieces) for these specialty casings.

5. Smoke Transfer Casings - Smoke Impregnated fibrous casings available as well.

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